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The celebrants guide to choosing a portable pa system

Purchasing a Portable PA can be confusing to some as there are varying models & sizes all offering different features such as power, wireless microphone options, audience size and accessories.

Past satisfied clients have opted for a system that was both easy to transport (light weight) and enabled them the option of using a wireless headset for the celebrant and a hand held wireless microphone for interviewing purposes.

First things first… we strongly recommend the brand Mipro not only for its unparalleled reliability but also for availability of spare parts, ease of service and exceptional vocal quality.


As a celebrant you can’t predict the location of your event and the size of the audience so having a larger system avoids you running into the issue of people not hearing you.

We recommend either the Mipro MA705, MA707 or the MA708 as these units range from 70 watts to a whopping 190 watts in power, enabling the user to cover audiences from 100 to 400 people in most outdoor situations.

(But remember, you need to choose a model that you can pick up and place on a speaker stand).

What microphones do i need?

For celebrants we recommend having two wireless microphones, one for yourself (usually a head worn option) and one to be handed between the bride/groom and others speaking.

The headset microphone would be the ideal microphone for yourself, they come in both black and beige (skin toned). To connect your headset to your portable PA system you need a wireless transmitter, being the Belt Pack. A simple wireless hand held microphone is the second microphone that can be passed around other speakers during the ceremony.

This takes us to wireless microphone RECEIVERS….

TO HAVE 2 WIRELESS MICROPHONES YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE 2 WIRELESS RECEIVERS. This will also give you independent volume controls over both microphone options.

What accessories do I need?

As well as the wireless headset microphone, wireless handheld microphone, belt pack transmitter, and the built in wireless receivers.
Other accessories that we recommend are a protective speaker cover, a speaker stand, and a summing lead to connect external music from either phones, ipods or laptops.
Speaker stands are a must when conducting a service as an elevated speaker will address a larger group far more effectively than a speaker sitting on the ground. It also means you require less volume.

How easy is it to transport my PA system?

As a celebrant you may be asked to conduct a service at multiple locations, whether it’s indoors, in the middle of a park or on a beach you want to be able to easily transport your system.

The Mipro MA705 weighs 9.8 Kg’s, MA-707 weighs 14.8Kg’s & the Mipro MA-708 weighs 16.3KGs.

Both the 707 & 708 models come with very durable built in wheels (generally used on flat & even surfaces) and an extendable handle (similar to a travelling suit case) to allow you to roll your PA system with one hand. The MA705 is light enough to have just a carry handle (no wheels or pull out handle)

In summary

We recommend either the Mipro MA705, 707 or 708 models.

Best used Microphone options:

1 x handheld wireless mic
1 x beige headset microphone & 1 x belt pack
2 x wireless receivers (one is usually built in so 1 extra would be required)

Other popular accessories

 1 x speaker cover – these generally have handy side pockets which can house extra cables, batteries, business cards, etc.
 1 x speaker stand 
1 x summing lead (for external music)

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