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5 things to consider when purchasing a portable pa

Buy your PA with total peace of mind!

Purchasing a Portable PA can be confusing to some as there are varying models & sizes all offering different features such as power, wireless microphone options, audience size and accessories. Here are a five points to consider before purchasing your PA system.

1. The size of your audience & Location

The size of your audience and the location of your event - Indoor or outdoor. If you have a large audience we suggest using the Mipro MA707 (up to 250 people) or MA708 (up to 400 people) as these models will have the required power for the job. Smaller audiences such as 50 to 100 people may be achieved with over the shoulder models such as the popular MA101 series.

2. Portability

Can your PA speaker be easily transportable to the desired location? An example of this would be wedding celebrants conducting ceremonies in parks or on beaches. Weight of the unit is a factor to consider when carrying or trying to lift the speaker on to a speaker stand.

3. Accessories & optional extras

‘What accessories do I need and/or speaker input options?’ These include built in CD players, Bluetooth music player, Microphones (both with a cable or wireless hand held, lapel or headset options), speaker stand and protective speaker cover. Speaker stands are a must for presenters wanting to cover large audiences as an elevated speaker will address a larger group far more effectively.

4. Wireless microphone compatibility

Smaller speakers may only accommodate 1 internal receiver for 1 wireless microphone. However, larger models like the MA705, 707 or 708 can accommodate up to 2 internal receivers allowing the user both a hand held wireless microphone and a head worn (or lapel) wireless option.

5. Compatibility of an Extension speaker

All models from the MA705 upwards will have the ability to power an optional extension speaker. These are connected with a speaker cable and will distribute your sound far better to larger audience groups.



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