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Everything you need for the Perfect Fitness Portable PA System

An effective portable PA system can differentiate a good fitness class from a bad one. People don’t want to go to an exercise class and end up at the back where they can’t hear a thing the instructor is saying. Key factors that customers look for in a system or package for the fitness industry include the portability of the system, the volume of the system, a clear sound, a comfortable microphone and music and bluetooth options. The system needs to be practical and operate efficiently in both indoor and outdoor environments. We recommend purchasing reputable brand MIPRO for your Portable Fitness PA. MIPRO offer a large range of models and sizes with a variety of features such as power, wireless microphone options, audience size and accessories.

What systems do you recommend?

After years of research, experience and feedback on portable PA’s in the fitness industry our expert team believe that the Mipro 707 is the ideal system for fitness classes. The MA 707 caters for crowds of up to 250 people. Obviously the size of your class determines the size of the PA system required. If you were running events with crowds larger than 250 people the Mipro MA708 or MA808 models may be more appropriate. Alternatively you could purchase an extension speaker for your Mipro PA system and connect the two. This way you can achieve an even volume throughout your space by placing one speaker at the front of the class and one at the back. This eliminates the issue of the people at the front complaining ‘it’s too loud’ and the people at the back saying ‘they can’t hear anything’.

What Microphones do I need?

As a fitness instructor, your microphone is very important and should be considered a tool for your trade. The headset microphone is the ideal microphone for instructors. Comfort and wireless capability are the two most common features for instructors to look out for in a headset microphone. They can come in both black or beige and sit securely on your head through a full range of movement. To connect your headset to your portable PA system you need a wireless transmitter, called a Belt Pack (this can sit behind you). There are pouches specifically designed for fitness instructors’ belt packs to provide as much comfort/security as possible. This is very important as care must be taken because microphones are so important to the portable PA experience and if not cared for correctly can end up costing yourself or your gym in replacement parts.

What accessories do I need?

Belt pack pouch - the perfect accessory for fitness instructors needing to move around. They are comfortable and stop cords being unplugged or moved around, they also protect the belt pack from moisture or being dropped.

Windsock – A windsock is a piece of foam that covers the microphone on your headset. They’re cheap and effective, especially handy if instructing a class outdoors, where wind could be strong.

Speaker stand – We recommend purchasing a speaker stand with all portable PA systems as an elevated speaker will address a larger group far more effectively than a speaker sitting on the ground. It also means you require less volume.

Summing lead – For connecting your iPod or iPhone for music.

Speaker cover – A speaker cover is important for protecting your PA system from dust, water and wear and tear.

In summary
We recommend either the Mipro MA707, MA708 or MA808 models.

Most recommended Microphone option:
• Headset microphone & 1 x Belt Pack transmitter

Other popular accessories:
• Belt Pack pouch
• Windsock
• Speaker cover
• Speaker stand
• Summing lead (for external music)
• Optional Extension Speaker

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