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LED Rotating Ball with Mirror Ball Effect (LEDBALL6)

Light Emotion LED Rotating Ball with 5 15W HEX LEDs
Light Emotion LEDBALL6 LED Rotating Ball 5 x 15W HEX (6-in-1) RGBWAUV LED - Mirror Ball effect
The Light Emotion LEDBALL6 uses 5 x 15W HEX (6-in-1) RGBWAUV LEDs to fire out focussed, sharp beams of coloured light through 98 lenses simulating the effect of a mirror ball but with much more versatility. With a beam angle of just 1 degree the coloured effect easily fills any dance floor or stage with coloured beams.

Under DMX control, the user can control the rotation speed and direction, individual dim each colour and tailor the effect of the ball to their needs. Without a controller, the LEDBALL6 offers sound activation mode, master/slave mode so multiple units can work together to create an awesome light show and a stand alone auto mode with inbuilt programs including strobing.

Built tough with a heavy duty motor, the LEDBALL6 can be used in the upright position making it ideal to place on truss stands, stools or tables for a quick setup, or upside down hanging from trussing or stands as a centrepiece effect. With the lenses covering the full bull, beams reach out in all directions delivering a mesmerising and intense effect.


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