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Bosche Plena 240Watt 6 Zone All in One Paging System


he Plena All in One System is a six zone 240 W background music and paging system, which consists of the Plena All in One Unit, an optional remote Wall Panel, and one or more Call Stations. It is a cost effective public address system for small to medium sized venues that require an easy to use out of the box solution.

The Plena All in One Unit can provide hours of uninterrupted music from USB or SD flash memory. The unit also has a built in AM/FM tuner with presets. To ensure for optimum performance, the All in One Unit has no moving parts, such as hard drives that can fail or wear out. It is compatible with SD, SDHC and MMC cards, and USB memory sticks.

The unit is supplied with an IR remote control for controlling the music source. To enhance the performance of the public address system, the following optional products can be connected to the All in One Unit:

• One or more Call Stations for six zones and all call, so that calls can be made to any combination of zones or all zones. A maximum of six Call Stations can be connected in a loop through arrangement to the same All in One Unit.

• A Wall Panel for enabling control of the background music from a remote location; the Wall Panel even allows a microphone or portable music player to be connected to the system.

• An additional power amplifier, so that music can be heard in one set of zones while calls can be made to another set of zones.

The All in One Unit is a 3 U high 19” wide rack mount unit. The unit is supplied with detachable rack mount brackets so that it can be used on a tabletop or installed in a rack.


  • All in One solution for background music and paging
  • Six zone paging system
  • Built in AM/FM tuner with presets
  • MP3 player for USB device and SD card
  • Optional Call Station and Wall Panel with local audio source and remote control


  • Colour Charcoal
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 133 x 430 x 365
  • Power Rating 240 Watts at 100 volts or 8 ohm
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Weight 18 kg


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